(Revised June 2020)

Based in the small town of Jal in the southeastern corner of New Mexico. My photography is an outlet for me. I like to shoot sunsets, the stars, lightning, and random things happening in nature, etc. However, I've been told I'm good at family and portraits too, so I provide those services locally. 

Should you be interested in family, senior, or other portraits, please understand the following: 

I am a natural light photographer. No strobes. No flash. No "Controlled Lighting." The sun is my light source! 


Golden Hour : 'In photography, the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset'

Please understand when I try to schedule you the hour the sun rises or sets its not because I enjoy being up early or working late, I promise you that is not the reason at all! I do in fact enjoy sleep.

While I totally get having schedules is important, especially with young children, my shooting times aren't ideal for all children or work schedules, capturing your moments at an appropriate time to get amazing results is the only way I want to roll.

I can schedule slightly earlier or later as long as you trust me to pic locations that will allow me to accommodate the source of light and it's direction that it will be helping to make the photo the best it can be. 

SIDE NOTE: I'm more than happy to travel to your city/town as long as you can make sure we have permissions to be on any private properties that we may walk on. Public areas are not a problem, but you'll have to understand if I'm not familiar with locations in a town I don't live in. Also, extra charges will apply for mileage.